The Wife of His Youth

i really enjoyed this reading, because it show us how years ago racist was an issue since then.  and it catch my attention how Mr.Ryder create a little society of colored persons where in order for them to be a member of this society the blue color of their veins had to show or they had to speak more as a white person than a black person. This for me it is racist because it shouldn’t be such as thing about creating a group or society and discriminate people because we all have the same rights and everything should be equal for all of us. In this case Mr. Ryder didn’t think like that and it was the reason that he created the group or society. He never thought that his life would change before he get marry to another lady which had all the qualities and requirements he was looking for. When he was ready just waiting for the ball that night, an old lady came to him. she was black and had a lot of wrinkles, she was wearing some old clothes. This lady was looking for her husband who was missing since the war. She started telling him the story about how the husband got lost and since then how she start to look for him. Mr Ryder always focus to ask the lady questions and make comments like why she thinks her husband would be just waiting for her, and if she didnt think that he would probably married someone else, but the lady was convinced that her husband was waiting for her. At this point in the story i like to say that i stared questioning about “that men” but at the end when he gives up his speech and start telling the story i started thinking that  he was the men. i love the en of the story, it show us in my opinion how a truth love can be that strong, and that hope is the last thing we could loose.


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